The life coaching process

I offer all clients an introductory ‘sample’ or ‘Chemistry’ session which is complimentary and no-obligation.

In this:

We discuss what Coaching is and what you are looking for from it; you experience a short Coaching session. We decide if we will work well together and if yes, next steps.

After this there will be:

         An initial ‘Discovery Session’ of 1.5 hours when we will explore your values and purpose in order to provide a firm foundation for our Coaching sessions going forward.

After that we will work together for an initial 3 months, with Coaching sessions of 60 minutes, twice per month over the telephone or Skype.

We will define your objectives at the beginning of the Coaching process and we will revisit them regularly, as they are likely to evolve over time.

We will agree any actions you will take forward and review these at the next Coaching session.

I may suggest ‘Inquiries’ – areas for you to explore between Coaching sessions which will help you get closer to your actions.

Different coaching packages are available – contact me to discuss prices.

The coaching approach I use is ‘Co-active’ (taught by the presitigious Coaches Training Institute, CTI) ,  which means that we work together in a partnership. At all times I will be supporting you and your agenda, as I know you have the creativity and resourcefulness to find your own answers.  I will challenge you and use my intuition to help ensure that you are conscious of any behaviours or attitudes which may inhibit you from achieving your goals.

  The principles behind the ‘Co-active’ approach are openness, respect, compassion and to rigorously speak the truth. This may mean that I will challenge you – for example if I believe you are selling yourself short or limiting yourself unnecessarily. I will help you achieve your goals by holding you accountable to taking the steps to achieve them.  For example, you will get homework where you will decide your own actions you and we will agree together when you will do them and how you will let me know, in order to maintain momentum.

At times we may move into different areas of your life to the ones you may initially have as goals – this is normal as people are ‘integrated’ beings and making changes in one area of your life may well impact other areas.

You will achieve your goals.  Sometimes your original goals may change – I will have worked with you during the process to ensure you are on-track with the goals you want to achieve.

You will be clearer about your values and purpose and will be living a life which is more aligned with these.  This will bring you greater peace and satisfaction in your life.

To be open and honest.  To be reflective and committed.  This is not difficult, as the reason you have come to Coaching is because there are changes you want to make in your life.  I will ask you to let me know if you are not in tune with something I suggest.  You can agree, disagree or suggest another approach.  My suggestions and challenges will always have the intention of helping you reach your goals, however I am not ‘attached’ to them.  My job is to help you achieve your goals.  I am very flexible and I have a wide range of tools and methods to call upon.