Live the life and have the work you long for.

I came to Coaching via other Careers in Human Resources, Sales and Teaching. I have been truly astounded by the difference effective Coaching makes in people’s lives.  It enables people  to gain a deep level of self-awareness and to achieve goals which allow them to live the life they long for.



Career Coaching is for people who know they are not satisfied in their current career, or who have been out of work and are looking for a new career.  They don’t know what their next steps might be and want to develop a clear idea and plan about how to achieve a satisfying career.

Those who are most satisfied and motivated in their work are those who are in careers which reflect who they really are; careers which reflect their true nature and their real passions; careers which build on their innate strengths and allow them to honour their deeply-held values.

I am trained in the ‘Firework’ which is based on 2 years’ of research and is a very well regarded and established Career programme. It  has  3 distinct stages:

Firstly the ‘Explore’ phase, where the client becomes really aware of and clear about their values, their strengths, their interests and passions and those things they need in their work and life to be happy and fulfilled.

Secondly, the ‘Dream’ phase which is a very creative part of the programme when a number of possible Career choices are generated in an expansive and collaborative approach.

Thirdly, the ‘Discover’ phase, where the Career options are narrowed down and an action plan to move towards the client’s preferred Career option is generated.

Life Coaching enables an individual to look broadly at all aspects of their life and to take actions to understand what it is that may be missing or that they long for in their life.  They may have a sense that life is not how they thought it would be or that it is running away with them.  Those who come to Life Coaching may feel that they want to make some different choices about how they are living the life, but are unclear about what to do.

Life Coaching gives individuals the space and time to take a more thoughtful and deliberate approach to their life and to connect with what they really want and who they really are. Through the Coaching process they will generate actions which will put themselves back on track with the life they want to lead. By so doing, the individual feels happier and more in the driving seat in their own life.

I have benefitted significantly in my career from the work Anne has undertaken with me around my values; she has helped me to identify these and understand how they influence and guide me.

My work is quite stressful at times as we are going through a substantial number of changes some of which I am responsible for. It is particularly helpful as my boss does not mentor me and I have to be very self-reliant. Having Anne as a sounding board to talk over the challenges I face has proved invaluable and it has enabled me to remain positive and energised.

Anne has worked very flexibly with me; finding the right time and space for our discussions. She is a very good listener and has great recall the detail of the issues we discuss. I think her background in HR and teaching has equipped her with a very strong set of skills making her very effective coach.

I wish I had discovered life coaching sooner!

VB January 2017

I entered into the opportunity to have coaching with Anne with an open mind and have been genuinely inspired by the guidance that she offered.

Breaking well-established (and sometimes bad) habits is a challenge for anyone, but I feel that Anne’s capacity to listen carefully and then to ask pertinent questions quickly got to the root of one of my concerns: a lack of decisiveness. She is intelligent, perceptive and incisive. Her warmth, good humour and lack of judgement was always evident. She was able to identify and recognise my motivations because of her excellent empathy.

The exercises she selected encouraged me to look at situations from fresh and previously unconsidered perspectives and allowed me to reflect on the reasons for some of my behaviours.

Having 5 or 6 sessions, with a couple of weeks between each, gave me the time and space to explore the ideas we had discussed in person (or via Skype) and resulted in my instigating change both in my career and within my family.

Through the sessions with Anne, I have developed some really powerful techniques for self analysis, reflection and action which I am keen to put into long-term practice.

PL February 2017

Coaching is all about using the power of your mind to make the changes you want to make.  I was involved in an exciting experiment with Hyundai which featured as Social media advert on youtube, in which the power of my mind got a car to move!