The life coaching process

I offer all clients an introductory ‘sample’ or ‘Chemistry’ session which is complimentary and no-obligation.

In this:

We discuss what Coaching is and what you are looking for from it; you experience a short Coaching session. We decide if we will work well together and if yes, next steps.

After this there will be:

         An initial ‘Discovery Session’ of 1.5 hours when we will explore your values and purpose in order to provide a firm foundation for our Coaching sessions going forward.

After that we will work together for an initial 3 months, with Coaching sessions of 60 minutes, twice per month over the telephone or Skype.

We will define your objectives at the beginning of the Coaching process and we will revisit them regularly, as they are likely to evolve over time.

We will agree any actions you will take forward and review these at the next Coaching session.

I may suggest ‘Inquiries’ – areas for you to explore between Coaching sessions which will help you get closer to your actions.

Different coaching packages are available – contact me to discuss prices.